9Apps Docs App

9apps Docs App

9Apps is the one and only app store working on all versions of Android. It is the best app store for downloading free games, movies, videos, music and applications. There are many entertaining and useful applications provided by 9apps app store. One can browse through the various categories provided in the search feature and choose as per their requirement.

9Apps Docs App
9Apps Docs App

When downloading from 9Apps Free Download store one need not worry much about harmful viruses or run-time errors. The 9apps app store gets updated on a weekly basis with new applications and latest information. 9apps encompasses within itself a huge collection of useful applications like Docsapp.

9Apps Docs app is an application that will allow you to talk with your doctor at any time of the day for consultation purposes. Doctors are available on Docs app 24/7 and can be contacted whenever one needs them. One can ask their questions and get solutions from professional doctors for which a little consultation fee will be required. One can privately talk to their doctor and send them their report, X-rays, or images if needed in the private chat section. Doctors will in turn provide you a medical diagnosis and will answer all your queries regarding health.

Services Provided By 9Apps Docs App :

Moreover, Docs app also allows you to get all the medical tests done at your home. A special team of specialists will be sent at the given location which must be selected beforehand and the required tests will be undertaken by them in accordance with your doctor. Your samples will be collected and soon, a report will be sent back to you by the doctor. Doctors will provide consultation 24/7 which means many doctors will be available late at night for emergencies as well. Health tips are also available on the Docs app for reading purposes. One can search the question and may directly find their answer in the Health Tips section without having to consult the doctor.

There are various types of useful health related questions that one can ask from a doctor using the Docsapp and get the necessary solution within half an hour Download this from 9Apps For pc. Over +1500 doctors from across India are already giving great advices to over one million Indians. Now one need not worry about the hassle of getting a doctor’s appointment anymore. Docs app provides the best doctors from different regions across India including big metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad etc.

More Features Of 9Apps Docs App :

Special doctors from different fields are available 24/7. These doctors are professionals in subjects like gynaecology, dermatology, otology, pedagogy, nutritionists etc. Docs app also provides you an option to get a simplified diet chart according to your routine by answering simple questions. For diagnostics home pickup services are available in the app. If the doctor has provided you with some regular test or check-up, then they can also be made available at your home. 

More than 70% issues get their solutions on a daily basis from specialised doctors linked with 9Apps Docs App. Therefore, Docs app is considered India’s No. 1 Doctor Consultation app which connects doctors with their patients.

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