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AppLock is a free android software which is used by millions of people to log their installed applications with a password or pin code in order to keep their privacy protected. By downloading this software in your mobile phone, you can protect the confidential data and privacy of different applications installed in your device that you are using including WhatsApp, gallery, Facebook, e-wallet softwares, games and many other apps that you have downloaded in the concerned device. There are different secure and easy to unlock patterns and pin codes available that you can use to protect your confidential data as well as applications such as pattern lock, password lock, photo lock etc. In addition to this, AppLock is also used for several other purposes too because it enable the users to change the background and settings as per their choice and preference so that no one can peep or intrude into their private things with out their permission.

Features or characteristics of AppLock-

  1. In order to give a full protection to your device, you can lock your data and apps with app locker as it is one of the best app locker in privacy guard you have ever used that comes with the most smart technology to protect your device from the eyes of Intruders.
  2. In this app, there are different type of lock available and the users are allowed to choose their favourite type of locking pattern including pattern lock, pin code, Face Lock, Finger print Lock etc. In addition to this, this app is completely optimised with the help of which the users can change type, button and wallpaper of the device as per their convenience.
  3. Power saving mode is another feature available in app locker with the help of which you can save the power of your device so that it may run for a longer period of time by extending the battery life.
  4. With the help of this privacy guard, the users can not only protect the privacy but lock the pictures, videos, gallery, messages from the prying eyes of intruders and those friends who are very nosy and include into your phone without your permission.
  5. Due to its worldwide usage, this app also supports multiple languages apart from Hindi and English so that the users can choose or select their preferred regional language and then use the app in the same.

Why install Applock-

AppLock is today used by millions of people from all across the globe due to its interesting and useful options and features that help the users to protect their privacy and also its mini package file size enables them to get it installed in any of the device in just a blink of an eye by consuming less storage and memory. Moreover, the users can also avail different and many unique options that are very hard or rare to find in any other similar app like app locker. In this app, there are different themes and lock types available that you can choose and apply on the app directly.

How to download – 

To download the AppLock please click on the following link –

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