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June 11, 2020
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9Apps Brave browser – Introduction of Brave is a radical change from the stereotypical web browsers of our times. It has been built around the idea of fulfilling two major user purposes:

  • Faster page loading
  • Blocking web advertisements and trackers.

And that is not all! If you choose to watch the anonymous ads directly from their own private network, 9Apps Brave browser will even pay you back in bitcoins. Getting rewarded for simply surfing through a web browser is a dream come true for net aficionados and with Brave, the possibility of making some quick bucks is real and forthcoming!

The Philosophy of Brave

Brave is free and open source web browser which was released by Brave Software, Inc. at the beginning of the year 2016- Subsequent years saw the release of many improvised versions of the software catering to different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. to name a few.

Browsers never charge you, so how do they cover their operational costs? By running ads- And, it is no brainer that they are going to prioritize the content which pays them handsomely. In simplest of the terms, you are literally being served in front of advertisers paying high revenues.

With the inception of Brave, this is changing fast! The browser is upturning the current models by calling out the users who feel violated by excessive web tracking and intrusion into their privacy.

As the user community grows, there is going to be a provision of the pay-to-surf model which will offer a consumer as well as the ad publisher a much better revenue sharing deal model that will benefit both the parties handsomely.

Inbuilt features

 9Apps Download Brave browser is a faster, safe and secure platform with an inbuilt Adblocker feature for the seamless browsing. There are many other interesting options to explore and experiment with- Here’s the gist of everything that you are expected to experience with Brave:

  1. Faster browsing experience: At the moment, Brave provides the fastest surfing experience on Android and other platforms- All this and more without the need for external plugins, configuration or endless settings to manage
  2.  High-Security level: With Brave, speed and security go hand in hand. You enjoy the lightning fast page loading experience sans the annoying malware, popup ads, and other annoying distractions.
  3. Data plan &battery efficiency: Since Brave brings down the page loading time and blocks the malicious adware, this activity directly impacts the battery and data plan of your device. While using Brave on your Android device, you are likely to experience the speed jump from 2x to 4x alongside a considerable reduction in byte consumption- Aiding optimization all the way.
  4. Privacy protection: Brave comes loaded with the user privacy protection features like encrypted secure browsing (HTTPS),

blocking cookies from 3rd parties, script blocking, offering incognito surfing modes, etc. to name a few.

Also, soon to be incorporated pay-to-surf business model further going to revolutionize the way we browse now. With so many benefits on offer, 9Apps Brave browser Download is the most reliable and secure surfing platform of the current times- And, a must try.


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