9Apps Candy camera

Candy camera is the best selfie editing and beautifying android software which can be installed from 9Apps absolutely and completely free of cost. By downloading the software in your mobile phone, the users can not only take beautiful and real time selfie with amazing filters and beautiful pic but can also make their ordinary or simple looking picture into the most stunning one. Along with that, the registered users of Candy camera are also allowed to take beautiful selfies and even create videos any time and any where on the go with out any hassle as this app can run even without network connections i.e.. Without data pack and this is considered as one of the major reason why lacs of people are taking selfies and pictures by downloading the software in their concerned devices every day. Not only this, there are many other updated and beautiful options available here that are very hard to find in any other software which makes it quite different and unique from others selfie editor softwares all over the world.

Features or characteristics of Candy camera app-

  1. By downloading Candy camera app in your mobile phone, you can experience a wide or diverse range of amazing and unique filters that are exclusively created to make your pictures look amazingly stunning and perfect in real time.
  2. There are many beautiful functions available in this app that can be applied or used at the time of making your ordinary or simple pictures to apply makeup and different types of cosmetics on your pictures as well as videos.
  3. The registered users of Candy camera also allowed to use different unique and amazing stickers that are available depending on different events, occasion, season and trend so that you can decorate your pictures as well as videos with this huge collection of stickers and the best part is that, it always gets updated after regular intervals of time and developers being added the new stickers in the app.
  4. Silent camera is another unique option which is used by the people to take silent selfies, snapshots and make videos anytime and anywhere they go without making any noise as this mode can be used to get rid of that embarrassment to take a selfie or make videos whenever you want irrespective of the time and location.
  5. The users are also allowed to make collage or grid of multiple pictures together with its collage option by using different styles and grids.

Why install Candy Camera-

Candy camera is the only selfie editor and beautifying software which is available in the 9Apps store that comes with so many interesting and unique options and also gets updated after regular intervals of time so as to add the new features and fix the bugs of the existing ones. In addition to this, there are many other useful and app features that are yet to come in the app with the upgraded options in this is considered or regarded as one of the major reason why more than a million users from all over the world are using Candy camera app in their mobile phones and other devices as it has no compatibility issues and can be installed in just few seconds in any of the device irrespective of the operating system.

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