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Helo is the top rated and best social networking platform which is used by millions of people and use masses from all over the world in order to download, share the multimedia content and interact or chat with friends and meet new people anytime and anywhere on the go. By downloading this full-fledged multifunctional social networking software in your mobile phone, you can do multiple tasks at the same point of time such as you can download your favourite files such as audios, videos etc from the reliable sources of internet, share your favourite content including images, emojis, documents etc. Not only this, due to its worldwide usage, it is available in more than 14 Indian regional languages which includes Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi coma Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Haryanvi and many other so that the users can choose on select their preferred regional language and then browse the content of their choice in the same to enjoy it to a great extent.

Features or characteristics of Helo app-

  1. By downloading the software of helo in your mobile phone, you can enjoy reading your favourite multimedia content including birthday wishes, status, jokes, shayari, news and many other things as per your choice and preference by selecting your favourite category directly within the app.
  2. One of the best part of this app is that, the users can share their favourite files and folders to any app all their favourite location and even from one device to another through social networking platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc so that not only them but their friends can also enjoy the fun.
  3. In this app, the users are provided with the facility to watch different types and kinds of trending and viral videos of different categories including news, funny, action, arcade and much more in the best part is that, you can even share it whenever and wherever you want with your friends and other contacts on the go.
  4. There is one unique and very rare to find feature available in this app of comment and repost with the help of which, the users can share their thoughts on the go and even we share the thoughts of someone else by opting to repost option.
  5. If you are a registered user on helo and then you can even follow the superstars in celebrities whom you want and stay updated with the latest happenings in their lives as well as from all over the world and also become a celebrity or popular person by sharing your thoughts in life on the app.

Why install Helo app-

Helo app is considered or regarded as one of the best way to discover and explore new and different things all over the country and also enjoy different types and categories of videos anytime and anywhere on the go even in the offline mode by downloading it in your device and the best part of the service that, there are many upgraded features and functions available in this app that you may not finding any other software due to which, today there are millions of people who are using and enjoying the services provided by the developers of this app.

How to download – 

To download the Helo app please click on the following link –

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