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M Cent browser is the fastest and world’s first free browsing software which is available and can be downloaded from 9Apps Store that help the users to not only browse the web or in net surfing and downloading their favourite multimedia content from the trustworthy or most reliable sources of internet plus help them to recharge their device as well so that they can spend comparatively less money or amount on talktime and data pack and stay tuned are connected with their near and dear ones in the most effective and efficient way possible. There are many other interesting benefits and features of this M cent Browser such as by downloading it in your mobile phone, you can earn 199 rupees that you can use to make a payment for your postpaid plan or prepaid recharge every month and that’s too, just for browsing the internet through this browser. There is no such browser available in the market till date that offers such an interesting and useful options to the users and this is considered as one of the major reason why people switch to M cent browser despite of having so many browsing softwares available in the market.

Attributes or features of M Cent Browser-

  1. In this app, there are various home Screen shortcuts that enable the users to quickly search the web and they can also visit their favourite websites to browse the content in just few clicks with out any hassle.
  2. Incognito browsing mode is also enabled in MCent browser that help the users to browse the web with complete privacy in incognito tabs so that no one can track out the websites what you have searched as it never leave any trace or track behind.
  3. Ad blocker facility is also given to the registered users of M cent browser so that they can block the irrelevant and annoying ads that unnecessarily not only cover the screen of the device but also help the user in giving more streamlined browsing experience.
  4. One can also stay updated with each and every breaking and trending news of India as well as from all over the world by top stories and headlines from more than 50 news categories and they are even allowed to switch to their favourite category so as to read the news in their desired zone like Bollywood, Hollywood, sports, politics etc.
  5. The users can also easily and instantly see to all the previously searched items except Incognito as there is an option to see browsing history in the app so that you can search for the things you have searched earlier without wasting much of your time.

Why install M cent Browser app-

There are many features and functions available in M cent browser that make the users download this app and browse the internet. Also, the best part of the chapters that you can browse the web as much as you can and then it helps you to earn free mobile talktime and data pack and saves lots of your money and this is the reason why it is considered as one of the most effective and efficient browsing software available in the whole world.

How to download – 

To download the MCent browser please click on the following link –

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