9Apps Snapp

Download the 9Apps Snapp from 9Apps Application9apps is the fastest and most reliable app store for Android devices. The app store offers unlimited downloads to thousands of apps, games, wallpapers and music as well. The best thing about 9apps is that its apps are for free and no money will be charged for any required download. 9Apps offers highly safe and secure downloads that are free from viruses and bugs.

9Apps Snapp
9Apps Snapp

The app store works on all Android mobile phones, notwithstanding the Android version. It is updated from time to time for better performance, and has been made user-friendly so that it’s extremely easy to use. 9apps offers a wide range of applications for different purposes for the betterment of day to day life and Snapp is one such application.

Snapp is the largest ride-hailing application provided by 9apps in the Middle East region. 9Apps Snapp makes transportation throughout the city easier and accessible for its users. Those days are long gone when one needed to wait for a ride back home, or to go to their favourite restaurants or perhaps hangout in the city. For various purposes we need to find a ride for ourselves from time to time. Download This Useful Application From 9Apps Download 2018.

Features of 9Apps Snapp :

Since time is extremely crucial, the in-built GPS of Snapp allows the users to access available rides near them, so that there is no wastage of time and users or customers reach their desired location fast, comfortably and securely. Snapp offers a variety of services like:

  • Snapp Eco – Best service and fast transportations around the city at an affordable rate. It takes into account the nearest and cheapest ride possible near a person.
  • Snapp Bike – Special service for passengers wanting a bike ride by trained Snapp couriers. It can be used by one passenger only as a bike can accommodate no more than one passenger at a time.
  • Snapp Rose – This service is for families and ladies, and provides a comfortable and safe ride. These rides are driven by trained female drivers.
  • Snapp Box – It is, as suggested by the name, a transportation service to carry important parcels, packages, and documents from one side of the city to the other. They are carried by Snapp Bike Couriers in secure boxes which are urgently transferred to the desired address.

Most often many ride hailing applications are difficult to use but Snapp is not like them. Snapp provides a user friendly environment and a step by step guide too in order to ensure that users are able to get the best out of Snapp services. The basic steps that are taken in order to get a ride after having downloaded Snapp are:

  • Selection of current location, with the help of GPS or manually, and choosing the desired destination location in the city map.
  • Seeing the price of your ride and confirming it by pressing “Request Ride”.
  • The rest part of the job will be carried out by the nearest Snapp driver who will be  available before you very soon.

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