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9apps TED –There are a variety of app stores available for android devices based on different purposes. 9Apps is an all-rounder app store storing in itself a plethora of useful and entertaining applications, music of all kind, wallpapers of high quality and games of various categories. All of this is for free unlike many other applications which require payment methods.

9Apps TED
9Apps TED

The best thing about using 9apps is that its applications work on all kind of Android devices running on any sort of Android version or operating system. The free downloads offered by 9Apps Application for its various applications are free from harmful malware and viruses and will therefore cause no harm to your Android device. One such application offered by 9apps is TED.

TED is an application which will expand your knowledge about the world around you and enliven your curiosity though its TED talks conducted by remarkable 9Apps TED speakers all around the globe. There are more than three thousand TED available in this application according to the mood and need of TED viewers. The application encloses within itself a long list of inquisitive topics based on technology, science, nature, psychology etc.

What Are The Different Features Of 9Apps TED?

The various features of TED are:

  • Sincerely, X – TED’s latest podcast for anonymous ideas which will boost your curiosity can be listened to at any time of the day.
  • TED Radio Hour podcast – A series of episodes for listening, which are a co-production of TED and NPR.
  • TED videos are available with subtitles in about 100 different languages so that they can be understandable by various people from different regions around the world. A wide range of subtitles are available for use in TED’s video library and one can easily browse through them for a preferred language.
  • If one connects TED with their Facebook account then one can easily sync saved talks on view them on any other preferred device by logging in their TED account.
  • There is a long range of motivational, comic, awe- inspiring and curated playlists categorised beforehand.
  • Frequently, a whole chunk of time isn’t available to us and we desire to see or listen to in bits and pieces. Therefore, TED offers a bookmarking feature, using which, one can easily bookmark as many TED talks as they like to and continue watching them later on.
  • TED talks are also available for offline download so that one can view their favourite videos or listen to their favourite podcasts even without having any internet on their mobile phone.
  • TED allows its viewers as well as listeners to create custom playlists based on their interests in life.

TED talks can be viewed not only on Android mobile phones but on smart televisions and laptops as well. For televisions, one can connect their smartphone with it, using ChromeCast, screen-mirroring, or inbuilt Android support and watch their favourite TED talks within seconds on a bigger screen. In laptops, in accordance with the operating system installed on it, TED can easily be downloaded from the 9Apps Fast Download store through various ways.

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