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Temple Run is a free endless Run game app which is available in the 9Apps store and comes with different magical environments in which the player is required to escape his life from the diamond protector and rescue the life from the police chase. In this game app, all you have to do is just think of different strategies and make plans so that you can save your life in the most terrible condition by surfing and running as fast as you can and using your skills as here, in the game you are in such a condition where you have to think like an extraordinary thief and fast runner so as to run as fast as you can to escape from the car of police or thief catcher. Not only this, in this game there are different and various characters that comes with different features and characteristics and all they have to do is just collect as many coins as they can while running, jumping, dashing and sliding in order to improve your magical skills.

Features of Temple Run game app-

  1. By downloading or installing this most addictive and super interesting game app in your mobile phone, you can choose the character you like the most as there are different characters available in the game with different features and the users are allowed to select them as per their choice and preference.
  2. It is a mind game and thus, the users or players are required to play the game by simulating their brain or through brainstorming and make different strategies and plans so as to play the game in the most perfect way possible and collect as many coins as the candidate can use for upgrading their skills and play better to be on the top of the leaderboard and become the master of the game.
  3. While playing this adventurous endless running game, the users are also required to avoid all the obstacles and hurdles that comes in between on the way in order to face the jungle run for a longer period of time by running fastly and escape the police car.
  4. In this game app, you will have to think like a thief or we can say like a cunning person who is trying his level best to escape from the police as he is having a lot of gold which is taken by the temple in and on this is a reason why he is running like anything in order to escape from police.

Why download Temple Run?

Today, there are millions of people who are using and playing this smash it endless running game app in their mobile phone as it has no compatibility issues and can be installed in any device of any operating system and the best part of this app is that, it is a very interesting and addictive that it never let the user get bored out of it. Moreover, it also gets upgraded after regular intervals of time the different and new versions in which the developers made many ameliorations in the existing features along with the addition of the new ones that makes the app one in a better and more convenient way by the users end.

How to download – 

To download the Temple Run please click on the following link –

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