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22 May 2020
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The 9apps Walnut technological trends of today help users get different and creative apps on their mobile devices that vary from apps downloading music, nutrition plans and even apps that help in managing finances easily.

The users especially the current youth of the country prefer having everything on their mobile devices, which includes their expenditure, savings and all sorts of ways to manage money. 9apps APK also includes an application named Walnut, which is undoubtedly one of the best sources to manage money automatically without any command.

It provides a platform to the users for secure and safe tracking of all the monthly expenditure. It helps and motivates the user to pay bills on time, stay within a fixed budget and save money every month.

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One can keep a track of how much they spend on different purchases varying from food to entertainment and on that basis they can formulate the amount they would want to save on these expenditures. The expenditure done on movie tickets, usage of transports like trains or cabs has also kept a track of. The user can make customized lists and categories that track expenditure by automatically adding the cash spent.

If the user consistently uses Walnut, they are eligible for Walnut Prime, which is basically instant credit for different kind of purchases. The user can also get benefits while paying large bills and in emergency situations. The app is in charge of the users ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ of their expenditures.

Most striking feature this app holds is the method of transferring money using BHIM UPI, which is a bank to bank money transfer without getting money stuck in any way. It is quick, easy, convenient and certainly way better than the manual methods. This application keeps a track of the monthly ATM withdrawals as well.

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The users are free to upload pictures of their receipts and even add notes, tags, and bills. The app is user-friendly and permits them to make searches of their notes, tags, and expenses.

It also offers a platform to form a social network as well by giving the users an opportunity to share information with friends and on social media about places one has visited.

Considering that this application is meant to manage finances and monetary matters, it should be ensured by the user that the app they download is legal and holds a correct license. Our youth is getting busier and occupied day by day and sometimes can get a little careless

about their money and just to prevent that, Walnut does its job extremely well. The users can trust and fall back on this app to keep a track of all their savings and expenditures.

It is advisable to not share passwords and login pins of 9apps walnut, as it involves sensitive matters like finances.


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