Audio manager 9Apps

Do you want to download an audio manager application in your mobile phone? If yes then download the audio manager 9Apps and you will be surprised seeing its different and interesting and unique features. Wondering why so much excitement about an audio manager app?

Well, because there is much more to it then what its name suggests. Want to know what?

How Audio Manager 9Apps is better for yourself?

Well, when you download and install the audio manager 9Apps Install in your phone then you will find out that actually it is no audio manager. It is an effective application that lets you to hide stuff like pictures, videos, music and even other apps from your device’s memory to this application and no one will ever find out you have hidden something. This is because the application works under the name of audio manager 9App so no one will even have a doubt on you that you are trying to hide something. Isn’t that amazing?

Audio Manager 9apps

Audio Manager 9apps

Basically, the app is installed with the name Audio Manager and when you open it, you will still see it as a sound management app. But this is for other people only because when you will hold your finger down over the app’s logo for a second, then the real Hide it Pro app opens. This only you will know so no one will even be able to know that it is a vault for hidden stuff like pictures, videos, music and even other apps. The best part is it opens only with your finger print so there is no chance that anyone will ever be able to break into your personal stuff.

Features of 9Apps Audio Manager for 9apps store

If you are not just satisfied with the finger print thing then you can even assign another password to it so that it requires both the things before opening. Only then can you use all the app’s features, which let you protect your photos, videos, music and even other apps from other people’s eyes.

To protect it from other people’s doubt the app functions under a different name and it can actually be used to turn the volumes up and down. This is to make people believe that it is indeed some audio manager app. This is the benefit of using Manage Audio in 9apps and later you can save all your hidden data to it and access it secretly.

The amazing features of the of 9apps audio manager are:

App disguised behind a fully functional Audio Manager

You can also hide the app under other disguises like Calculator, clock etc.

Categorize media into hidden folders of your choice

Provides Free Cloud backup of your files

Gallery with integrated Slideshow and sharing to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook etc.

Integrated Video player with support for VLC player, MPlayerX etc. so that you can watch hidden videos also.

Multiple lock screen options – Pin, Password, and Pattern along with Fingerprint unlock.

Check more about this at 9apps store – website

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